**** SPOOK'S C64 TRIBUTE CD ****


Welcome to the browsable index of Spook's C64 Tribute CD v. 1.0!
This index includes all of the files included on this CD. You can download a zipped, complete list of all available files in text-format here (272 kb). To begin browsing the software available on the CD, click on SOFTWARE in the bottom border. All files are ordered just as on the CD and are true to the original: In C64 directory format. Use the cursor to move back / up one level. Have fun looking around!

RESET will take you back to the start of this guide, GLOSSARY explains some basic C64 terms, and also includes the FAQ, CREATOR gives you some information about the person who compiled this CD, and GALLERY shows you an index of the scanned images on this CD.

Martin Frech / Spook of Powerzone.
(Email contact: spook@c64demos.com)