**** SPOOK'S C64 TRIBUTE CD ****



This file is from Spook's C64 Tribute CD V 1.0, a collection of legal Commodore C64 scene wares. It represents the labor of many, many hours of programming, composing and painting of thousands of C64 sceners. It also represents hours and hours of porting data from C64 disks by Martin Frech, Spook of Powerzone (spook@c64demos.com).

Every file on this CD was hand-tested by Martin Frech. There are no corrupt or broken files on this CD. The files are from 1789 original C64 5.25 floppy disks. The Tribute CD covers 1278 groups in 2610 diskimages, spanning scene time from 1985 to 1999.

To get started on using this CD/website, please refer to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. That document also covers the most commonly asked questions.

Please note:
You may spread the material on this CD. As far as I can tell, the material included on this CD was intended by their original creators to be spread around the world. However, I take no liability for copyrighted materials.

You may redistribute the CD. This CD is public domain software, just as its components. Feel free to spread this CD, but please only distribute it as a whole. DO NOT REMOVE my comments or other files if you intend to spread the CD as a whole. Please show some respect for all the time I invested in building this collection.

You may NOT, however, sell copies of your CD! The software on this CD was not meant to be sold. These productions 'want' to be free for everyone. Selling this CD is against everything the C64 scene stood for. Show some respect! You are free to give away this CD to fellow C64 fans, provided you respect the two previous points.

As of now, this CD has no real 'home' online, but I am working on it. My long-term goal is to publish this entire CD on the web, including the disk images. However, for now only the index is available online. If you would like to offer the server space for this collection (about 400 MB), or know of a space, please let me know at spook@c64demos.com. Thank you.

Known limitations:
Due to software restriction, the browsable HTML index is incomplete. Files that are write-protected in the original C64 directories are not included.

Martin Frech / Spook of Powerzone, 16th of March 2000.
(Email contact: spook@c64demos.com)